Blue Lagoon & Padang Bai


Day 7 – Friday 5/9 – Blue Lagoon & Padang Bai (post 1/3)

I slept really well thank goodness as I’m getting very tired during my days from all the walking & exploring but having trouble falling asleep at night.


My villa is very pretty with an amazing view over the harbour. It feels private & secluded but I’m a tad uneasy here alone. It would be perfect in every way if I had my family with me.


Anyway I take a walk down the hill & down to Blue Lagoon. The sun is just rising, the beach is tiny with two warungs.

It looks clean – I’ve read it has lots of rubbish. Maybe there is in the water.


I walk into town just to have a look. It’s mainly cafes & markets stalls selling supplies for the people going to the gillis or Lombok. It’s quite pretty & busy as it is a transfer destination.

I walk allllll the way back up the hill – made me very puffed. Breakfast time I grab a fresh watermelon juice, a Bali coffee & some Nasi & mie goreng. Yum! I have the place to myself.



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