Bintangs by the pool


Day 6 – Friday 4/9 – Padang Bai, port town (post 4/4)


We pass a cremation – I actually see the pyre – not sure about how I feel but I guess its life & death. We pass a couple of ceremonies with women in their colourful outfits & offerings on their heads. I hear the music & see the crowds. I really didn’t see any ceremonies in Amed so it’s great to be back amongst the tradition.

Finally we turn into Padang Bai. It’s a working port town so there are many huge trucks taking the goods away. It’s a pretty town so I look forward to exploring it over the coming days. We turn toward the ocean & there is a massive queue of travellers lined up, waiting for the fast boat to Lombok or the Gillis.

Up the hill we go to the Bloo Lagoon Village. Check in is easy & im shown to my one bedroom villa. It’s very stunning & I feel silly it just being for me.


Hot & thirsty I head back to the main hotel part for a look. I grab a Bintang from the bar & check out the art exhibition they have on. So many lovely paintings & photographs. I walk up to the organic vegie garden. I’ll need to have a better look in the morning.


I make friends with a lady who is also wandering around with a Bintang. We chat & she invites me to join her at the pool which I do. We have a swim & her husband & son join us. They use the waterslide which was fun to watch. More chatting before I excuse myself & head to the restaurant for an early dinner. Fish cakes & another Bintang thanks.


I check in to Facebook only to read a message from my Mum letting me know our Aunty Vera has passed away 😦 Mum & Aunty Vera were very close & I am very sad. My Aunty Vera celebrated her 100 birthday on 21st August. So although it’s sad & we will miss her she was an elderly lady who had a wonderful, long & lovely life. I toasted her as I gazed over the beautiful blue water.

Back to my room & just chilled out, watched a couple of movies. Tummy feels a little off so that’s not great. Hope it settles down for tomorrow.

Goodnight. Zzz



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