Amazing Bali Asli


Day 6 – Friday 4/9 – Bali Asli for lunch (post 3/4)

We head for lunch at Bali Asli. It’s a lovely building with stunning views. I am welcomed in while Nengah joins another driver to wait in the joglo with an amazing view.


The menu is a hand scribed traditional palm leaf ‘book’ very similar to the work Kedak showed me at the traditional village.


I order a housemade ginger beer & Nasi Campor & sit back to enjoy the view as I eaves drop on the cooking class going on to my left.


I know the Chef & owners name is Penny as Bali Asli has come highly recommended by three different people. So Penny is showing & explaining & chatting to her student. It’s easy going & informative as well as happy & the ladies share a laugh. I’m sure it would be an amazing experience for anyone to do.


I visit the ladies room – very pleased I did as its really unusual in that it’s open air with a gorgeous view but it’s also beautifully decorated. When I return to the restaurant Penny asks me if I took photo in the bathroom? I ‘fess up, yes how could I not its a loo with a view!?!


I pay up & we head off, south west to Padang Bai where I’ll be spending the next 2 nights.


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