Tirtagangga Water Palace


Day 6 – Friday 4/9 – Tirtagangga Water Palace (post 2/4)


This driver is called Nengah too! He’s a nice guy who drives well. We chat as we go along. He is very encouraging of me by offering to stop at good spots for photos which is so good as I can be too shy to ask. We make our way to Tirtagangga Water Palace. It’s really lovely & I enjoy wandering around. It’s very similar to Ujung but busier. I seem to be the only Australian there. I notice lots of accents from Europe. I witness a woman straddle a statue of a pig & have her partner take photos (so I took one of her!) I was very relieved to hear them speak in another language so couldn’t have been Aussie – phew!


Wander, wander, jalan, jalan. I notice this elderly woman just sitting so I make eye contact & smile. She says something, I say something, she ushers me to sit next to her. She shows me the discarded plastic cups she is collecting. We smile, she hasn’t many teeth but is beautiful all the same. I say bye bye. It was a bit silly but nice all the same.

I take a small walk around the town before finding Nengah.




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