Scooters & me

IMG_0851 (2)

Day 6 – Friday 4/9 – Scooters & me (post 1/4)

I slept in until 6am this morning. A cock-a-doodle-do was my alarm!

No sunrise or beach walk today, I fuss in my room then down to breakfast for a Bali kopi. Eka is there 🙂


This morning I want to go explore Lipah beach so after some gentle persuasion Eka takes me on her scooter. I have never been on a scooter in Australia let alone Bali. No helmet, just tshirt & shorts! At least I was wearing enclosed shoes! Never in a million years would I do this in the south, but in Amed at this time of day there is no traffic at all. Eka rode slowly & very safely despite telling me she rode like Rossi!

We must have looked a sight! Eka is a petite lady – I am not! We got lots of looks as this tall Australian woman clung on for dear life to this lovely Balinese lady! But it was fun & we giggled all the way there!


I walk the beach looking at everything. I chat to a Czech guy who is putting some black sand off the beach into a water bottle. He has a sand collection in his bathroom at home 🙂


I walk & check out a couple of hotels on the east (or is it South?) end of Lipah. Very pretty spots. I chat to this lovely Tasmanian couple who adore Amed & stay there for weeks at a time. It was a lovely chat – I miss chatting – one of only a handful of down sides to going solo.


I walk back the way I came but via the road to check out the town. It’s leafy & shady with some lovely looking warungs, shops & money changers. There is a new shop being built. They are all working so hard. A load of gravel has just been delivered & a team of women are loading up big tubs & carrying on their heads. They just keep working. I’m impressed & so interested to see this.

A grab a drink & wait for Eka. We laugh & chat as we ride back to the blue moon where I’m am now checked out & waiting for my driver.


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