Massage with a view


Day 5 – Thursday 3/9 – Massage with a view (post 4/4)

At 1.30pm I have a body scrub & massage booked next door at the Aquaterrace spa. It’s light & breezy & my lady is the serious type. First there is a warm up massage where she discovers I can’t have my feet touched. Then it’s scrub time – feels like fine sand, I wonder how her hands cope with it. A quick shower then the menthol massage – I smell like a mint pattie. Yum. The treatment is 90 mins so the massage goes for a long while – I woke myself up with a snort! Lol.


90 mins cost 214k! I got lucky with spa happy hour 🙂

I glide back down the hill feeling like a lie down was in order so I spent the arvo reading a magazine, laying in the sun on my balcony.


Nice! Oh & I had a duty free or three.


Dinner was a lovely, spicy chicken curry with rice which I had in my room. So good. Spent the evening chatting & facebooking.


Exhausted so sleeps comes easily. Zzz


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