Happy Bali Birthday


Day 5 – Thursday 3/9 – I turn 40 today – Selang village, just south of Amed (post 1/4)

Awake at 5am, I creep out into the day. Across the road from the hotel is the cliff top so I head there for a couple of photos. Today is my birthday – I am 40 years old! How the hell did that happen???? My little family give me a call & sing happy birthday 🙂


I walk down to the beach & am currently sitting on a rock watching the tiny little jukung dot the horizon as the sun starts its rise. It’s really peaceful. The waves are crashing, the roosters & animals are making their noises, a car goes past with techno music blaring. Say what now? I love how clashing Bali can be.


Hungry & in need of Bali kopi I head back for breaky. Scrambled eggs, bacon & tomato with gorgeous toast bread. I’m loving the bread this trip! I have a lovely chat with Eka. She’s a lovely lady & speaks very good English so it’s a normal conversation as we can chat rather than just exchange pleasantries. She makes me feel like i have made a true friend in Bali, bless her! (thank you Eka for your friendship xxx)



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