Fancy Birthday Lunch


Day 5 – Thursday 3/9 – Fancy Birthday lunch (post 3/4)


I want to have lunch at the Griya Villas today. They will pick you up & drop you back so I ask Eka to call for me. My driver is a sweet heart & his car is lovely & new with great ac. I ask him to take me to a money charger please. We stop in this cute village – must have been Lipah I think as I spy the coral garden once we head off again. I also buy about 300gms of Amed salt which really makes me happy. Costs 8k 🙂


On we go to the Griya. It’s big & fancy & kind of reminds me of double six hotel in Legian.


I order a watermelon cocktail & tuna three ways for entree which was yummy. For main I have a goats cherve salad which was really, really great – yummo.


My driver comes back to get me. We talk about when he will get married. Not for a long time he’s says, like when he’s thirty he says. Eye roll!


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