Beach snorkelling



Day 5 – Thursday 3/9 – Snorkelling off the beach (post 2/4)
Breaky finished I grab a snorkel & mask from the hotel & head back to the beach! There’s a gusty wind & the water looks a bit choppy but it doesn’t last. I dump my sarong & sunnies near a jukung & put my mask on, and gingerly walk into the water. The temperature is gorgeous. Cool & refreshing. I’ve got some cheap slipon canvas shoes on to protect my dainty feet from the rocks & coral but I’m already feeling freaked out. Feel the fear & do it anyway ok!?! Out I go. I stick my head underwater. It’s not very pretty. I go out a bit deeper then I see a couple of fish. No doubt it’s pretty out further but I just can’t do it! So back to the beach I go.


There’s a Balinese dude standing there in his undies, oh no, he’s walking toward me now, grin ear to ear. He thinks I’m Shirley Valentine looking for a holiday romance! He turns out to be harmless especially after I mention my husband is back at the hotel! So we chat about stuff as we sit in the shallows. His name is Made & he’d like to show me the sunsets & play guitar for me! Bless.

I video of this part however I can’t work out how to post it here! Sorry… It’s on my fb page!


I say bye bye to Made & squelch my way back up the beach. When I walk into the hotel Eka just laughs at me. She said she can’t charge me for the snorkel & mask cause I wasn’t gone long enough. I head to one of the pools – there are 4 pools at the Blue Moon Villas. I’m the only one there so I float around & take a couple of underwater shots for clops to make her laugh but also show her the pool. The things I do to make her laugh!




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