Jasri wanderings


Day 4 – Wednesday 2/9 – wandering around Jasri (post 1/4)

Finally I had a full 8 hour sleep thanks to my ear plugs! It’s not noisy here, I’m just a light sleeper. But I decided to hell with hearing the burglars I need some sleep so in when the plugs!


A quick walk to see the sunrise followed my saying hello to Putu who was doing the offerings & blessings today.


A lovely breakfast of tropical fruit & crunchy toast. I love the thick, strong coffee here.

This morning’s walk is along the ocean front to Charlie’s Chocolate factory. I’m too early again! Oh well, so on I walk, still heading west. I chat to a couple of Aussie surfer dudes then make friends with Wayan who is making some offering baskets.


I leave her to it & walk on but head inland. It’s so picturesque! Charming rice paddy fields, beautiful big skies.


I take this windy road through the fields until I spy a huge set of stairs so I just have to climb them!


It nearly killed me but I got to the top! Then had a little rest before going back down. There wasn’t anything exciting at the top but if I hadn’t have checked it out I would have regretted it!


On I walk, hopeful I know where it leads. Back onto the main road, I walk on saying hello to everyone. Grab a rhino drink from a little stall where they all just keep saying hello, hello! So cute. I said selemat pagi & they said hello, hello!


I get back to the hotel soon after & begin packing (I leave for Amed today) when I hear some loud traditional music. So I grab my sunnies & iPhone & bolt out to see what’s going on!

I still don’t really know what was going on but there was singing & blessings & smiles & music & little, old, Aussie me sticking out like a sore thumb! It was exciting to watch even if I was walking around in bare feet on hot black sand!

I need a swim now!

Just checked out & am having some lumpia & a dc. I’m transferring to Amed at 12pm.


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