Amed Amore!


Day 4 – Wednesday 2/9 – Amed amore (post 4/4)

We arrive at the Blue Moon Villas, I’m given a welcome drink & fill in the paperwork. Then I follow the poor porter who gets to carry my near 30kg bag up the stairs to my Blue Angle Penthouse room. Oh ah, the view is everything I imagined and then some! I’ll be very happy here thank you very much J

Anyway, I take a swim in the back pool, then walk across the road & take another swim in the front pool. Next I take a walk on the beach to check it out. So, so pretty. I’ll come for a snorkel tomorrow.


The black sand really is black! Not grey. It twinkles in the sun light. It’s the most amazing sand I have seen since I saw the complete opposite whiter than white sand on Fraser Island years ago. I think Jasri is beautiful, Amed is so very different & yet equally as beautiful.


I walk back up & make a booking for tomorrow at Aqua terrace spa right next door to blue moon. Hungry/thirsty I head into Komang johns for some delicious Lilit (fish) on lemongrass & a Bintang.


Back to my room to potter & unpack with a g & t. I have a chat to one friend, a text convo with another & an email chat with a third!


By 5pm I’m ready to go for a walk. I head north on the road & walk up to the 2nd beach before walk through the palm garden where I was interested in staying before I fell for blue moon. It’s beautiful but no children under 13. I cut through & walk along the beach which is chock a block with jukungs. People are friendly, always selling something but happy to chat even if you don’t want to buy.


This little girl approaches me. She’s got to be clops age. She engages me in a chat. What’s my name, where am I from? I ask her name, age, school: Poppy, 11 & in grade 4…. Um Poppy, you are not 11! Big smiles – busted! Then she takes my hand & shakes it, while still holding it she pulls me forward & plants a kiss on each cheek then runs away saying goodbye. Cute, weird & memorable.


Back to room to shower & change for my first solo dinner. At 6.30pm I go down to the hotel restaurant & grab a table. It’s pretty busy already. Eka greets me & asks if I am Mono, yes are you Eka? Yes. We have been emailing to arrange the accommodation & transfers. Turns out she was born & raised in Jasri! She is very sweet & we have a chat which makes me feel very welcome & comfortable. Komang is there too – we had had a chat about life as he tried to sell me a tour outside the hotel earlier! He is a cheeky, harmless flirt who is old enough to know better but young enough to get away with it! He brings me a roll with pesto & says it’s from him for me! Lol. Thanks Komang! Of course everyone gets a roll with pesto in this restaurant but it’s sweet all the same.


For dinner I have some gorgeous udang pepes or prawns & peppers and a g/t. I retire to my room. Ear plugs in, sleep comes quickly. Zzz




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