Aren’t holidays grand?


Day 3 – Tuesday 1/9 – Jasri village, just east of Candidasa (post 4/4)

IMG_0556I chill in the room for a couple of hours just enjoying my own mind space. A bit antsy now I head to the pool to relax & write with a cool breeze & a duty free gin & tonic. It’s relaxing & I need it after the last few days. I grab another tonic & head back to my cottage for a second. Then I notice all these scooters & a truck loaded with people whiz past so I through on some street clothes & go investigate.


There’s a lesson on blessings going on so I sit & watch. Then I walk along the road to find a large gathering of people so I just walk along saying hello, smiling, feeling really out of place. Then a young guy catches my eye & I ask him what’s going on. He can’t speak English & I can’t speak Indonesia so eventually we work out selfie. Lol the group of them fall about laughing then one of them says no I take selfie & takes my camera. He tries to use it like a touch screen smart phone – it’s old school so he fails & they all fall about laughing. Then another takes my camera, tries, fails. Lol again. Finally another tries & succeeds! Then I hand over my iPhone & we take a few more. Then all the phones are handed around. Selfies with the 40 year old Australian chick is all the rage apparently!

I’m back on my verandah now sipping my g&t where I belong! Oh dear but fun.

I order mie goreng & ask to have it in my room. I chill & watch a movie. Hopefully I sleep well tonight. Zzz


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