Amlapura Traditional Markets


Day 3 – Tuesday 1/9 – Amlapura Markets (post 2/4)
Off we go to Amlapura for a look at the markets. I’m a bit nervous as Im not there to buy anything, I am purely there to be a sticky beak & take a million photos. So I swallowed the uncomfortable feeling and just smiled & said hello to everyone who looked at me.


I had so many lovely interactions with people it was so memorable. I came across this beautiful old lady making offering basket things. She showed me how it was done & then gave me two! I asked if I could take her photo & she said yes so I took a video!

I was approached by many people wanting to practice their English. One guy about my age came over to me with his little sons & wanted them to chat with me – which I did of course. The boys were too shy but the dad & I had a great old chat about work & life in the hospitality industry.

Another guy offered me transport which quickly turned into another chat up similar to yesterday with my policeman boyfriend! Anyway after our chat he stopped the traffic for me so I could cross the road!

Having never travelled solo before this attention is quite bizarre. I’m polite & smiley but I do find it quite amusing to be approached by people!


I wander up & down alley ways drinking in the sights & smells. I hear things that are uncomfortable so be warned if you are very sensitive to how meat gets from an alive animal to the plate. It’s not pleasant, but it is life. I said a little word of thanks to the animal that went to heaven in that moment.

I hear ladies yell out to each other. I pick up the words ‘australian’ & ‘tourist’. Ummm, yep that’s me I say & there are smiles all around. Lots of mums encourage their children to say hello to me. It really is a very strange experience but I don’t see another foreigner there!

I go back to my offering basket making lady & give her a couple of small notes as thanks. I tell Nengah later how much & he said that it would be very appreciated.

Back to Nengah & we head back to Jasri along this gorgeous, back road, through rice fields & coconut groves. It’s so picturesque.


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