Pasir Putih or Virgin Beach


Day 2 – Monday 31/8 – Pasir Putih (partt 3/4)


From here I find Nengah who drives me to Virgin beach or Pasir Putih as it’s known traditionally. We turn off the main road & head to the coast – the little village is so pretty! At the fee collection spot I pay the 5000 idr & we drive through to the car park. The scrub is so brown & dry.


Down I go walking toward the water. It’s high tide & the surf is huge & really rough. I wander along taking photos & smiling at everyone. As the tide is so high I can’t get past the jukung easily so reckon it’s better to turn around & grab some lunch.


I choose a wurung that has a couple of tables already eating & order sate ayam with a small Bintang. The water is so amazing to watch as it runs in & causes people to jump up off their sun lounges. Lunch is tasty, service friendly. Time to go so off I power back on up the hill to Nengah. Finally it’s home time!


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