Jasri Village


Day 2 – Monday 31/8 – Jasri Village (Part 4/4)

Home – time for a swim! I really do have the place to myself so I have a leisurely swim & lay under the shade of an umbrella. Stupid grin keeps creeping onto my face!

Next I chill on my little verandah & watch the gardener clip the beautiful lawn. I have a view of the tiny spa room right at the top of the property… So that gives me an idea. I go see reception & arrange for a massage. 15 mins later Wayan is here & I have an amazing 1 hour massage. Was so good! Perfect pressure & she was a sweet heart with big smiles.


I float back to my room for a rest but instead sort my suit case out. By 5pm I’m showered & ready for another walk. I head inland this arvo. The whole area is so pretty with so much always going on. I pass an old guy getting on his push bike – hello, hello! I’m greeted by a woman washing some green leafy plant in the gutter – hello, hello! There’s a herd of kids who all smile & laugh but all say hello, hello!

I spy a driveway that looks like it’s more a gang so head on down for a look. There are all the little cookie cutter homes with the most amazing gardens. There’s a Balinese guy trimming a hedge so I have a chat to him. He says the houses are all Dutch then I remember being told about this enclave at breakfast. A Dutchman bought the land & built all these homes for his friends. There is no one around so a take a wander around the loop. So, so pretty!

I also stop in at Sensatia Botanicals to look at their soaps. It smells amazing but it’s so expensive for soap so I say thank you & head back to the hotel.


I walk into the restaurant & am greeted by Barbara & Peter & offered a wine. We sit & chat over the wine & I am invited to join them for dinner. They are such beautiful people who really work hard to make every detail of the hotel to make it as pretty & functional as possible. They have such a happy vib to them. It’s a pleasure to share this time with them. I really do feel very lucky to have them staying there with me. Their company spoils me for the rest of the trip J

Back to my room by 8.30pm. I’m so tired but can’t get to sleep! The waves are really noisy but soothing. Eventually I must doze off. Zzz


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