Day 2 – Monday 31/8 – Candidasa (part 2/4)

Nengah & I drive into Candidasa now for me to have a wander around. We notice 6 huge police transport vehicles & I wonder what’s up. Nengah drops me off in the middle of town. I walk west past the lily pond – it’s very pretty.


I notice a few police here and there… On I walk until I see a sign for Alam Asmara so take a left and head along the gang. Hmmm… Lots of police all looking very smart in their lovely uniforms. I get a few looks which is kind of ringing alarm bells but I still walk on. An older police man smiles at me so I take the opportunity to chat him up about what’s going on and if I can continue along. We chat very briefly about what’s going on – I don’t really follow what he is saying. Our convo turns to what’s your name, where are you from. Lol, he’s chatting me up! A say my polite farewells and walk on. Then there is a group of about 30 police all standing around with battens and shields… Ummm… But some smiling police man says I can go on, so I do. I get to rendezvous and walk in.



No one greets me or offers me a menu. I walk around trying to be casual. It’s hard to do as the place is full of police smoking and chatting. I decide I should leave so walk back. I step into a walk way to let a garbage truck go by when I hear my name being called out… It’s Wayan my policeman boyfriend from before. I greet him by name with big smiles – the other police with him almost fall over with shock that we know each other. Lol! They look at us in disbelief! He is very sweet and offers me some of his coffee & a Marlboro light from his packet. I say no thank you very much – more polite smiling & small talk in broken English. Such a trippy scene. I say bye bye and head back down past the Alam Asmara. There are some official looking guys taking photos so I ask a senior police man in a prettier uniform if I might take a photo. Sure he says, where are you from? Lol. They all look at me, I blush. On I walk back onto the streets.


I duck into Vincent’s for a diet coke, great wifi and a gossip with the bar man who tells me the police are there because the owners of Alam Asmara are having a fight over money! As I sit there I see a stream of police walk past, back to their vehicles. I pay up and say goodbye to the bar dude. Change some money, buy some Aqua and walk back to find Nengah. I walk back then get stuck as the police are packing up all the riot gear into the huge vans. My police boyfriend is there and he yells out for them all to stop so I can walk past! Oh my God. They all stopped and looked at me – awkward! But totally hilarious!



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