Tenganan Dauh Tukad Traditional Village


Day 2 – Monday 31/8 – Tenganan Dauh Tukad (part 1/4)

I slept quite well considering the lack of snoring next to me & the sounds of the ocean just metres from my room. The mattress, pillows & linen are beautiful. By 4.30am I was awake!


By 5.30am I was itching to get out into my holiday so out I crept into the darkness. The sky quickly brightened so I took a walk west to check things out. It’s so pretty! I pass no one, so feel free to take a million photos.


I wander along until I find the chocolate factory Charlie runs. Obvs it’s not open so I just have a seat & watch the sunrise. A quick walk back for breakfast – heavenly banana pancakes, fresh juice & delicious Bali coffee as we chat.


Today Nengah takes me off on an adventure. First stop Tenganan Dauh Tukad, the traditional village. I make a donation of too much & am given Kedak as my guide. What a gentle & respectful man he is. He takes me on a guided tour of his village where he was born. The village is beautiful & very traditional. In Tenganan Dauh Tukad you cannot marry someone from outside the village & still live in the village. They observe ancient & traditional rituals such as cock fighting & fighting with spikey leaves (so sorry, I can’t remember the name my guide used!).

Kedak takes me to meet his wife, Ketut. She is very sweet but doesn’t speak any English so we smile and nod at each other. Ketut demonstrates how she makes the double ikat. Kedak tells me about how the thread is dyed. It’s very interesting.

Then kedak shows me his craft which is etching onto dried palm leaves before rubbing with charred macadamia nuts to add in colour to the etchings. It’s is very beautiful. I buy a book mark for clops. Kedak adds clops’ name in Balinese. Kedak is a beautiful soul and I really enjoy our meeting. I think he does too. We shake hands & say our goodbyes.


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