Getting to Jasri Village


Arrival day – Sunday 30/8 – Jasri village, just east of Candidasa (Part 2)

Then we have to stop – only 2nd car from the front. Nengah has a chat to one of the bosses – it’s a Ngaben gathering. Our timing is perfect as I can already hear the music and drums before I see any people! Then swarms of people all walk up the road ahead of us and turn into the ceremony area. They are mostly in white robes, the women with offerings perched high on their heads. My driver Nengah says its ok to take photos so I stand up the front and awkwardly take a few snaps as I breathe in the clove cigarette smoke. I get a few men looking at me so I give them my best, sweetest smile & they smile broadly back at me. I’m the only foreigner around, but I’m also the only female around. In flow the people – there has got to be a couple of hundred coming to this Ngaben – Nengah tells me a Ngaben is a ceremony to ask permission to hold a cremation for multiple people to save costs for the village. I wish them luck.


On we drive – its dark now! All the way we have been chatting about family, life & Bali. Nengah is a lovely man who was born and raised and still resides in his home village. He knows he can make more money in Denpasar but he also knows he wouldn’t get to see his three boys as much either. They have evening prays together before dinner each night. Nengah tells me of his dream to open a warung where he would like to train & employ orphans to help them improve their lives.

We drive through Candidasa – it looks so lovely and I can’t wait to come back and explore later. The roads to this point have been great. It gets a little windy now but it’s newly laid bitumen so it’s not bumpy. An ambulance passes us. Oh no! Further up the road we pass the ambulance as a body is being unloaded. Goodness me, 1 day, 2 bodies – quite an experience for this little traveller.

DSCN0002 (17)

Finally we reach our destination – the I am welcomed in by Barbara, the owner who I have been harassing with emails for the last few months. She takes me around to the dining room where she introduces her husband Peter. They are lovely and we have a great chat as I wait for some dinner. I’m the only guest staying in house so they are also staying there to make sure I am looked after. We chat about the resort and the extensive renovations they have been undertaking for 2 years. It’s a light, friendly chat and I feel really well looked after.


I have my watermelon juice welcome drink & a small Bintang that never tasted so good! Then my dinner – a gorgeous plate of nasi campur with the most amazing ayam curry I have ever tasted. It was beautiful. Tired now, I am shown to my beach front villa which is just about the prettiest villa I have ever seen! There is a huge four poster bed with full mozzie net in the centre of the room with beautiful, well placed furniture around the walls. The bathroom is light & bright & I know I will be very happy here for my first three nights. The moon was full last night so tonight it’s still huge and low in the sky over the ocean. It’s amazing and the photos don’t do it justice. Back into my room for some much needed sleep. Zzz…

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