My East Bali Trip – Intro


In August of 2015 I set off on my first ever, solo trip to Bali! It was amazing. I’d love you to come along with me as I post the blogs I wrote each day while there. It all starts here:

Hi there! I write my blog each day while I am away so if it reads like I’m still there that’s why! I hope you enjoy the areas I visited & what I got up to. It was a very different holiday travelling without my husband & daughter but it was awesome! 11 days, 5 never before visited locations in the East of Bali, lots of fun & lots of beautiful experiences. Please let me know if you have any questions or want some more info on anything. I’m happy to help!

Here’s the itinerary…

3 nights at Jasri Village, about 10 mins east of Candidasa. I stayed at The Aashaya Jasri Resort tell Barbara I said hi 🙂

2 nights at Selang Village, this village is part of the sting of Villages collectively known as Amed. I stayed at The Blue Moon Villas tell Eka I said hi 🙂

2 nights at Padang Bai, this is a port town where you might catch a boat to Lombok. I stayed at the Bloo Lagoon Village

2 nights at Sideman Valley, a slice of heaven in the mountains – pronounced Sid-e-man, not side-man. I stayed at The Cepik Villas tell Ayu & Ketut I said hi 🙂

1.5 nights at Kermas Pantai, a little fishing & salt farming village about an hour north of Sanur. I stayed at The Komune Resort

Here’s a map I skillfully(?) prepared to show where the towns are & the order I went in:


I’ll begin my trip blog soon. Please do let me know if you want any further information at all.




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